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How to Find Out Who Owns a Property in Arizona

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Finding the property owner can be key to reaching a decision-maker and closing the deal. But the procedures to find out who owns a property in Arizona can be specific. 
When you’re looking for properties to buy and sell, you need to find the owner first. This can be straightforward for most properties but complicated if the property is owned by an LLC or corporation. Finding a human name behind the LLC can give you a leg up when prospecting. Or perhaps you’re looking to put together a list of potential leads to contact. Either way, you don’t want to be doing a lot of legwork to find those names.
You may find Arizona handles its property information a little differently. Here’s how to find the names of property owners throughout the state.

Property Appraiser’s Website

In most parts of the country, you may consider looking at the local property appraiser’s websites. These will give you a wealth of information including current owners and contact information, previous owners, transaction history, and more. This information is available for residential properties and commercial properties. In some cases, mobile homes may be in a separate category. This information is free and a matter of public record.
When looking for who owns a property in Arizona, the property appraiser’s office is called the assessor’s office. Each county has its own assessor and website, and you may need to take some time to familiarize yourself with the website in the county or counties you work in.

Arizona Corporation Commission’s Website

While in most states the Secretary of State handles corporate filings and LLCs, in Arizona this is handled by a separate entity called the Arizona Corporation Commission. Their website has search features to let you look up corporate records and LLCs. Like the assessor’s office records, these are public information. But in both cases, you will need to do the legwork necessary to call them.

Subscription Databases

You may also consider looking up information from third-party subscription services. One prominent service is called PropertyShark. Though this service is based in New York City, PropertyShark’s database handles property information all over the country. However, much of their information is only available once you have a registered account and subscription. 
Other services will offer their databases for a price, but the information isn’t always up to date. This is one chief concern for critics of PropertyShark and other third-party databases.


In business for over a decade, ProspectNow handles a massive database of residential and commercial property information in counties all across the country. This information is available to users for a subscription, but at a lower price than the competition. But the real power of ProspectNow’s platform is the combined property database and CRM service that can give you promising leads that you can contact instantly.
The ‘likely seller’ algorithm of ProspectNow uses unique data analytics and machine learning to identify properties that are likely to sell soon before they hit the market. You can search for these properties, find the property owners, and contact them all through the platform — before your competition ever learns about the listing. Considering most sellers work with the first agent who contacts them, this will be a powerful tool in your prospecting arsenal.
If you’re curious about how much more you could be making with ProspectNow, there’s an ROI calculator to help you. Put in your location and sales metrics and it will tell you how many more listings you could’ve snagged recently with ProspectNow’s extensive database and likely seller algorithm.
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