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3 Places to Find Real Estate Leads for Sale

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The sooner you can identify real estate land for sale, the sooner you can get ahead of your competitors. Ideally, that means you can either purchase the property as an investment or find someone else willing to buy. Regardless, finding real estate leads can help agents earn more money.

Fresh leads matter so much in the real estate industry that agents don’t mind paying for information. Before you spend money on real estate leads for sale, though, you should compare your options. You will find that some places give you better information at a lower price.


ProspectNow stands out as a favorite among real estate agents that want to get fresh leads that can generate significant revenues. The ProspectNow database lists about 140 million residential and commercial properties. You can also get information on distressed properties and properties predicted to sell.

The ProspectNow database gets updated frequently, so you always have access to new leads.

The predictive analytics feature also plays a crucial role in getting ahead of your competitors. ProspectNow monitors public records to highlight properties that will likely go on the market soon. For example, a residential property might get highlighted when:

  • A couple files for divorce.
  • The owner gets married.
  • The owner or owners have children.
  • The bank puts a lien on the property.

Anything that might encourage someone to move out of the home increases the odds that you can pursue the property soon.

Real estate agents also benefit from ProspectNow’s low, simple pricing. When you sign up for a year-long membership, you pay the equivalent of $119 per month. The membership gives you access to:

  • A database of properties in four counties.
  • The likely seller algorithm.
  • Chat and email support from the ProspectNow team.
  • Data about tenants and companies across the United States.

In other words, you get a lot of information at a low price.


Qazzoo specializes in generating real estate leads for agents. The company’s platform uses advanced lead filtering so you can focus on real estate leads for sale by:

  • Price range.
  • Location.
  • Credit history.

Thanks to the lead filters, you won’t waste your time working with a lot of clients who back out of deals.

According to Qazzoo, it generates more than 1,200 leads per day. The platform does this by searching other real estate websites and mobile apps. It isn’t unique information, but you can access it from within one dashboard.

Having all of your leads in one place is nice. Unfortunately, you will pay a lot of money for the convenience. Qazzoo plans start at $299 per month. To make matters worse, you only get to connect with 10 leads per month unless you upgrade to a more expensive membership.


BoldLeads has a comprehensive platform that helps you find leads, create landing pages that may improve your conversions, and take advantage of popular marketing tools. If you already have a CRM or marketing solution, you can usually integrate them with BoldLeads.

It’s nice to see a platform that helps real estate agents lead prospects through the sales funnel.

You will run into at least one problem when you start using BoldLeads. It can get very expensive! Your membership starts at $269 per month. Oddly enough, you have to spend an extra $250 per month for buyer and seller leads. If you want to use the advertising features, you can end up spending even more.

Keep a close eye on your budget if you decide to use BoldLeads.

Start Your Free Trial With ProspectNow

Start a free trial membership with ProspectNow to get real estate leads for sale. The company has been collecting data for real estate brokers since 2008, so it knows how to focus on the information you need for success. Plus, the membership costs a lot less than those from competitors.

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