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How To Find Out Who Owns a Property in Colorado

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Knowing how to perform a property owner search in Colorado can benefit several types of businesses. Real estate professionals can use property databases to learn the best way to contact the owner to talk about selling the building. Mortgages companies that know how to perform a property owner search in Colorado can connect with owners to discuss refinancing loans. Even repair professionals, such as roofers, plumbers, and landscapers, can use property databases to find leads that might convert into paying customers.

You have some options when you want to find out who owns a property in Colorado. Joining a subscription property database like ProspectNow is the easiest, most accurate way to perform a property owner search in Colorado. You can try other methods, but you should know their challenges before you spend too much time and energy that you could devote to more important tasks that will help your business grow.

Contact the County Assessor

In Colorado, county assessors keep property records. Many of the counties will let you search for information via their websites. Not all 64 Colorado counties offer this service, though, so you might need to call or visit their locations.

Challenges of Relying on County Assessors

Getting property ownership information from the county assessor often seems like a great approach. After all, it doesn’t cost you anything to search through their online records. The disadvantages of using a county assessor for a property owner search in Colorado become obvious quickly, though.

Individual Searches Take a Lot of Time

Few county governments have the resources to let you perform batch searches on their websites. That means you have to look up properties one at a time. It’s a boring process that doesn’t always lead to successful conversions.

Properties Might List Corporations as Owners

You probably expect to find a corporation listed as the owner when you search for mixed-use developments and retail properties in Colorado. However, a shocking number of homes are owned by corporations. The business might hold them as investments or rental properties.

Unfortunately, this adds another step to your property owner search in Colorado. When you find a corporation listed as the owner, you will probably need to contact the Secretary of State’s office to determine who owns the business. The process can get even more complicated when the owner or owners use a business address. Ideally, you want to connect with people via phone or email. A letter will likely get intercepted by an assistant or discarded by the recipient.

You Don’t Always Find Accurate, Updated Information

County governments don’t always update their records as quickly as you would like. Don’t be too surprised when some of your contact information leads you to the wrong people. It’s just one more way that this approach to property owner searches in Colorado can waste your time.

Join a Membership Property Database

Membership property databases like ProspectNow make property owner searches in Colorado much easier and faster. They also give you marketing management features that will help you track every contact with your leads.

Find Colorado Residential and Commercial Properties

ProspectNow has a residential database of more than 102 million residential properties and more than 38 million commercial properties, including retail, multi-family, mixed-use, industrial, and office spaces. 

You can search properties by address, uses, and features to quickly find listed and off-market opportunities.

Filter Searches To Find Properties That Match Your Interests

If your search gives you a long list of results, you can use ProspectNow’s filters to focus on the properties that interest you. Shorten your list by choosing the size, value, number of rooms, and zoning. You can generate a list of reliable leads within minutes.

Get the Latest Contact Information for Property Owners

ProspectNow uses publicly available information to tell you who currently owns properties. What happens when you discover that a business owns a property? That isn’t an issue because the database gives you the accurate contact information of decision-makers within the organization. Your property owner search in Colorado doesn’t get any more difficult just because a business owns a location.

You save time and money by directing your outreach efforts to people who can make decisions about buying, selling, and refinancing properties. And you don’t have to worry about assistants, spam filers, and P.O. boxes getting in the way.

Use Predictive Analytics To Find Off-Market Properties

ProspectNow uses predictive analytics to help members find off-market properties that will likely get listed within the next 12 months. The algorithm looks at factors like whether families have had children, missed mortgage payments, or struggled to pay their bills. These and other data points often indicate that someone will change locations soon. Maybe they want to upgrade to a large home. Perhaps they want to move to a smaller place that fits their current budget.

Identifying off-market properties gives you a significant advantage over your competitors. You can reach out to owners now to start building a relationship. The owners might not even know they will move soon, but getting a call, email, or postcard establishes you as someone who might oversee the transaction.

When they finally decide to sell or buy a new place, you will stand out in their minds as a professional worth talking to. It’s a great way to gently nudge leads into becoming your clients.

Start Your Free Trial With ProspectNow

ProspectNow has been around since 2008. The data that users can get from ProspectNow is a lot more expensive when you access it on other competing platforms. By using ProspectNow, you will get accurate information from your property owner searches in Colorado, close more deals, and, therefore, make more money! ProspectNow is a vital tool for business success in real estate, real estate marketing, and other industries that target homeowners. Additionally, ProspectNow is trustworthy and easy to do business with, and a provider of reliable data.

Start your free trial with ProspectNow so you can experience how much easier property owner searches in Colorado become when you have a robust database working for you.

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