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Create Property Lists With ProspectNow’s Polygon Search

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You probably don’t always have an address that you want to learn about when you start generating lead lists. You might not even have a specific ZIP code. ProspectNow’s polygon search feature will help you target certain areas just by drawing shapes on maps. It’s an incredibly simple, yet powerful, way for you to start comparing real estate opportunities in any area.

How To Use the Polygon Search Feature

The polygon search feature gives you a simple way to generate lead lists without requiring specific information about properties.

Start by clicking the Guided Search button. From there, choose “Build a List” and select the state and county you want to explore. Now, choose “Select an Area on the Map.” It will take you to the polygon search tool.

Drawing Your Shape

ProspectNow will open a map of the county you selected. You will see that you can move your cursor around the map. You can also draw lines on the map using your mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen.

You must create a closed space on the map before you can search properties in the area. You can choose any shape, though. The platform will let you know when you finish making a closed shape on the map. As soon as the section turns a shaded blue, you have successfully selected an area.

Filtering Your Property Results

Once you draw a shape on the map, ProspectNow will identify all of the properties in the area. From here, you can narrow the results to focus on the types of properties that interest you.

Start with the Refine Search feature. It will let you set a property category, such as residential, multi-family, and commercial. Then, you can apply filters to the results and concentrate on those that appeal to your current needs. For example, you might filter the results to exclude properties outside of a square footage range.

You could also have ProspectNow prioritize real estate likely to sell within the next 12 months. The platform’s predictive analytics will tell you which properties are highly or moderately likely to sell.

Before leaving the platform, you can save your search results. That way, you can return to the list at any time.

Learn How To Use More ProspectNow Features

ProspectNow helps you identify leads and manage your marketing campaigns. You can always visit the Real Estate Training page to find instructional videos that will teach you how to:

  • Get owner contact information.
  • Build a list of properties.
  • Find properties within a radius.
  • Search for multiple addresses at the same time.
  • Send letters and postcards to contact property owners.

As you learn how to use polygon searches and other ProspectNow features, the platform will become even more useful.

Practice Polygon Searches With Your Free Trial

ProspectNow has been helping professionals in real estate and other industries generate lead lists and increase conversions since 2008. Most users find that they can increase their conversions and revenues by using ProspectNow to focus on high-return opportunities.

Over time, the platform’s features have become increasingly robust. That doesn’t mean you will find it difficult to use ProspectNow. Every tool has been developed with diverse users in mind.

Now, you can experience polygon searches and other features by starting a free trial with ProspectNow.

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