Update Your CRE Marketing with Holiday Promotions: 5 Examples

The holidays are always an exciting time to increase your commercial real estate marketing efforts. There are so many unique and fun ways you can implement the holidays into your campaigns. These days of the year, people are more open-minded and willing to try new things. Leverage this altered mindset of consumers by really making an effort to update your CRE marketing with unique holiday promotions. Here’s how:

Host a Spooky Client Appreciation Event

Have some fun and host a fun Halloween client appreciation event. Provide Halloween-themed snacks and drinks and encourage guests to dress up for a fun happy hour. This can help you meet more potential clients and connect with your current clients in a fun and relaxed setting. After all, face to face marketing is the best kind of marketing around.

Thank You Giveaway / Giving Back to the Community

On Thanksgiving, you could do a giveaway to thank your loyal clients. Not only will this help you engage with your clients on a more personal level, but it will also keep you top of mind. A giveaway such as sporting event tickets or concert tickets are great item options. Send out an email asking for testimonials to enter the giveaway and you could add these testimonials to your website!

Another great option for Thanksgiving is to give back to the community and gather a group of clients to volunteer and help those in need. You can share this experience via an email campaign with your clients and prospects to not only help out your community, but also show clients and prospects that you are truly involved in the community you work in.

Holiday Cheer Campaign

On Twitter, you could do a 12 days of Christmas campaign and share unique imagery that relates each day to a commercial real estate trend or statistic. This is a great way to tie in the holiday but also add some fun and cheerful graphics to spice up your timeline. Not only will you spread holiday cheer, but you will also be informing your audience of important information relating to CRE.

New Years Eve Recap

For the New Year, take the time to implement a section in your newsletter to wish your clients and prospects a happy new year, but to also recap any major deals you were involved in throughout the year and any major market statistics you think they may be interested in.

Valentine’s Day Newsletter Love

Show your clients and prospects some love by implementing a client testimonial section into your newsletter to not only showcase your clients, but to also show how appreciative and happy they are with your services. Spread the love and add in a short blurb that details how much you appreciate your clients as well!

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4 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling to Get Over Cold Feet

One of the hardest parts of any sales job is the dreaded task of cold calling. Picking up the phone and not knowing how the person on the other end of the phone is going to respond or react to your call can certainly make anyone have cold feed, but fear no more because there are ways to improve your cold calling to get over those cold feet.


This may sound silly, but you next time you dial a cold call, smile for at least twenty seconds. Research has shown that wearing a smile brings benefits that can help you get over your cold feet when it comes to cold calling. Smiling can reduce stress, lower your heart rate and can build rapport, as smiling changes the way you sound when you speak.

Be Prepared

ProspectNow can help you be more prepared for cold calls by providing you with background information on the lead. The more you know about who you are calling, the more you will have to speak about and the more the prospect will trust you and be willing to listen to you.

ProspectNow can help you navigate through a cold call by providing you with valuable information. Without the right information even a pro cold caller will fail. Take a minute to search the prospect on Google, look up their LinkedIn and utilize all of the tools ProspectNow offers to really get a feel for who the prospect is.

Release Negative Thoughts

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome for cold calling is going into the call automatically assuming the prospect will not be interested. You should go into every call prepared and organized, while also thinking positively that your call will accomplish your goal of setting up a meeting to discuss their real estate needs. Negative thoughts will cause you to lose before you ever even pick up the phone. You will have to face rejection no matter how great of a cold caller you are. Don’t let rejection define you, let it teach you to help you in future cold calls. Rejection can work to your advantage if you let it.

Have a Plan

A big mistake many cold callers make is having a script and only reading from the script. Reading off of a script is not personable and it does not give the impression that you are knowledgeable. Have a plan that allows you to move off topic and go with the flow of the conversation. What happens if the prospect asks a question that is not answered in your script? You will look unprepared and may come off as disorganized to the prospect. Create a framework for your call that calls out specific bullet points and common questions you may need to answer.

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Don’t Miss These Top 6 CRE Blogs from 2017

We wanted to recap some of our favorite and most popular commercial real estate blogs from the year. We’ve explored everything in 2017, from turning cold calls into warm calls to what qualities the best CRE drip email campaigns have – so don’t miss out on these top 6 CRE blogs from 2017.

#1: 6 CRE Trends to Watch in 2018 (And How They Impact Your Prospects)

Wondering what the commercial real estate industry will look like in 2018 and how today’s emerging market dynamics will affect the business in the long run? This blog takes a close look at the 6 CRE trends to watch in 2018 and how they will impact your prospects. Hint: After the commercial real estate industry saw incredible growth in 2016 and 2017, CRE professionals and investors are anticipating another great year for the industry. Find out more by reading the blog.

#2: 4 Qualities of an Epic CRE Drip Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing in today’s commercial real estate market. Whether you are a seasoned agent or if you are just starting out in the CRE industry, an intriguing email drip campaign can set you apart from the competition. Read the blog here.

#3: 3 Things CRE Brokers Can Learn from Predictive Analytics

The commercial real estate industry is beginning to embrace predictive analytics – something that will change the way brokers close deals and will help them grow their clientele. Learn more.

#4: 5 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Call With Lead Intelligence

Any good real estate agent knows that cold calling is a vital part of building their network of clients and that creating a sense of camaraderie with prospective leads will make them more keen on listening to what you have to say. Do your homework ahead of time with the help of lead intelligence is one way to build this connection. Read the blog.

#5: 5 Tips for Data Driven Prospecting in Real Estate

Are you spending loads of time prospecting for new leads, but always coming up short? This may be the perfect opportunity for you to look at data to help with your prospecting efforts. Read the blog to learn more about how data can help drive prospecting in commercial real estate.

#6: 3 Valuable Pieces of Information You Can Learn About Your Lead in 4 Minutes

Time is one of the most valuable resources anyone can have and real estate agents certainly don’t want to waste precious time they could be spending closing more sales. The key to prospecting isn’t finding clients – it’s about finding the right type of clients. If you are looking to save time, read this blog to find out what three valuable pieces of information you can learn about your lead in just four minutes.

We hope you enjoyed our recap of the top 6 CRE blogs from 2017. We hope you can take the information presented in these blogs to help you grow your commercial real estate business in the new year.

4 Tips for CRE Agents Trying to Excel at Hyper-Targeted Marketing

Hyper-targeted marketing can be the key to your success when working to find and present your message to the ideal prospective sellers in your market. In a technology-driven world, there are so many options for sellers, making the competition fiercer than ever before. Let’s take a look at four tips for CRE Agents trying to excel at hyper-targeted marketing.

Go Hyper-Local

When advertising a new property or any other important update, focus efforts on very specific regions, cities and submarkets. If you have the info available, try targeting clients based in specific zip codes and submarkets, rather than targeting an entire city or suburb. Do some market research and find out what the absorption and vacancy rates are for certain submarkets and try to target those with the most promising numbers. This information will also help you sell that submarket to potential tenants and buyers.

Know the Target Audience

Are you looking to target investors? Small business owners? Perhaps foreign capital? Zeroing in on the desired target audience will help make your communication more effective by ensuring that you are sending the right message that is relevant to the right audience.

Market By Property Type

Hyper-targeting your marketing efforts can also apply to the type of property you are trying to lease or sell, from office buildings to industrial warehouses and even multifamily properties. For example, technology companies may be a great fit for creative office spaces, while a law firm may be seeking traditional office spaces.

Target with Timing

Timing is an important factor in the marketplace in addition to location. Consider the timing of your marketing and communications – are you targeting companies who are looking to move now, in a few months or in the next year? Your timing can mean the difference between a response or no response. Tenants and buyers in the market may have specific timelines – do a little digging and find out when their current lease ends and try to target the timing to align with when they are beginning their commercial real estate property search.

In today’s competitive real estate market, you need to do more than just deliver the right message – you need to reach the right audience. While many prospective clients may be receiving a wide array of info from both competitors, you can stand out from these by letting these potential clients know what you have to offer and how you can help them accomplish their real estate goals. To learn more about hyper-targeted marketing be sure to check out our blog “What is Hyper-Target Marketing and Why Should I Care?”

ProspectNow’s online database of predicted sellers opens up new doors in the world of hyper-targeted marketing, allowing agents access to over 10 million commercial properties nationwide, as well as an in-depth tenant database.

Along with these insights, ProspectNow offers full service contact management, allowing you to generate and manage leads with ease. Start your free trial today to get started!

6 CRE Trends to Watch in 2018 (And How They Impact Your Prospects)

What does the commercial real estate industry look like in 2018? How will today’s emerging market dynamics affect the business in the long run? The commercial real estate industry saw incredible growth in 2016 and 2017 and CRE professionals and investors are anticipating another great year for the industry.

Let’s take a look at 6 CRE trends to watch in 2018 and how they will impact your prospects.


Millennials want to live in the city and they flock to communities that “never sleep.” In addition, millennials are not shopping in the same way older generations do – they utilize e-commerce sites like Amazon to do their shopping, rather than spending time in the traditional shopping mall. This will help boost the e-commerce industry and will benefit online retail and industrial sectors. Big box retail chains will have to adapt to the e-commerce trend or risk going out of business. The number of large commercial retail locations surpassing 50,000 square feet is growing.

Mobile Workforce

We have all heard of the co-working trend continuing to make a splash as more and more companies utilize mobile work options. Co-working companies such as SPACES and WeWork are continuing to expand into suburban and urban markets to adhere to this flexible workforce. This trend is changing the office sector and how employees are utilizing the workspace. This will also affect how you should approach prospecting for potential clients looking for office space.

Workforce Diversity

Commercial real estate trends typically follow trends in the business world. As more minorities and women continue to occupy C-suites, commercial real estate companies will increase diversity among brokers and agents as well and will place increased efforts on diversifying when scouting top talent.

The Aging Population

The large baby boomer population will impact housing and healthcare. Boomers, specifically empty nesters, are moving to urban centers and leaving suburban neighborhoods in the dust. The boomers are also impacting healthcare through the expansion of medical retail, like urgent care centers and walk-in healthcare clinics. Obsolete strip malls are also being converted into healthcare centers across the country.

Mixed-Use Developments

Shared services such as Uber and Lyft and bike-sharing services are a huge reason populations are returning to living in urban centers. Mixed-use developments both in urban areas and suburban areas allow for a true live-work-play lifestyle that caters to both millennials and older generations who do not want to drive and want to live in a walkable area. Public transportation is shaping how and where people live and work.  

Alternative Financing

As banks continue to become more constrained about lending because of new regulations, private equity fund and other types of lenders will fill this void, although at higher rates.

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4 Qualities of an Epic CRE Drip Campaign

Whether you are a seasoned real estate agent or an agent just starting out in the commercial real estate industry, an intriguing email drip campaign can help your CRE business grow steadily over time. You can keep repeat clients informed while also reaching out to leads and prospects.

Here are 4 qualities of an epic CRE drip campaign:

Be Genuine

The commercial real estate industry is driven by relationships and connections, both new connections and old ones. Make sure every email you send is genuine and personal. Reach out to your prospects and clients with an email drip campaign that is authentic and personalized so that you truly connect with your network. A great way to do this is to send the emails from your own personal name, and try to personalize every email’s message to cater to a specific client. People are much more receptive if they feel they are talking to an actual person

Go In Depth

Be as direct and in-depth with your email content as possible. No one wants to spend time investigating something that is not relevant to their wants or needs. Do not be vague in order to peak interest – this is a quick way to have people unsubscribe. If you have a property you are leasing space in, be sure to include the square footage and the location of the space.

Good Timing

Besides the content, one of the most important qualities of an epic CRE drip email campaign is strategic timing. A rule of thumb is to never send emails on Monday or Friday, because people are either getting ready for the workweek or are already in weekend mode. You have a much higher response rate on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between the hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Another popular trend with drip email campaigns is to send emails on the weekends or in the evenings, since there are less emails during this time, you have a higher open rate. Be mindful if you do choose this route, because some people find it inappropriate to send work related emails on the weekend.

Create Follow Up Messages

Don’t use a generic template email to send a follow up email. Personalize the content and refer to the recipient by name and be sure to mention any prior communication between the two of you. Send the follow up email in the same email thread as the original message as well so that the recipient can reference it.

Creating an epic CRE drip campaign that is successful and resonates with your prospects and clients isn’t hard – it just takes planning and creativity. Make sure you are targeting each specific client in every message to increase your response rate.

ProspectNow is the most effective prospecting system in commercial real estate and can help you expand your brand online. Contact us today with any questions you may have and try out a demo to see how our software can help you boost your sales.

Don’t Make These 3 Lead Nurture Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Lead nurturing is important to gain new clients. It takes effort and strategic planning to determine how to interact with a lead enough, but not too much that it feels overwhelming for them. According to research by Gleanster Research, 50% of qualified leads aren’t ready to buy, which means lead nurturing is crucial to help move these 50% of leads through the sales cycle to make them prepared to make a purchasing decision.

Here are three lead nurture mistakes you should avoid.

Not Following Up

The biggest mistake you can make is not following up with a lead. Reach out to them via email and ask if they have any questions for you or if they need any more information. When a prospect inquires about working with you to buy or sell a home, you need to nurture this lead by following up from the initial conversation by checking in to see if they have questions or if they need more information to help. How do you expect to turn a lead into a client if you don’t maintain the relationship by following up with a simple call or email? Plan out follow-up contact to hold yourself accountable.

Not Providing Valuable Info  

Your prospects are looking to you as a resource for information on both the housing market and the neighborhoods they are interested in purchasing a home in. Make sure you aren’t sending correspondence that is solely centered around your business. Share market stats, relevant articles, social media posts or videos that your prospect may find interesting or helpful. Spend 30 minutes a day researching content to share with your prospects and it will prove to them that you truly care about their needs.

Bombarding Them With Too Much Info

It’s tough to find the perfect balance between too little info and too much info. Remember to keep things as concise and to the point as possible, without sounding like a robot. A great way to do this is to ask what other information the prospect would like to know about the process, or a neighborhood or a home at the end of the initial phone call so that when you give a follow-up, you can provide them with only the information they want and need. Try to keep emails and phone calls to a minimum of one per day. Also open up the floor for them to ask questions so that you aren’t bombarding them with info they don’t need.

Make sure that you are following through on every step of the sales process – from the initial contact with the lead to the follow-up and the post-sale meeting. You should work as your client’s real estate partner and should be with them every step of the way.

ProspectNow is the most effective prospecting system in commercial real estate and can help you expand your brand online. Contact us today with any questions you may have and try out a demo to see how our software can help you boost your sales.

3 Things CRE Brokers Can Learn From Predictive Analytics

It is certainly no secret that commercial real estate is an information-driven business. That being said, the industry is beginning to embrace predictive analytics – something that will change the way brokers close deals and will help them grow their clientele. Let’s take a closer look at three things CRE brokers can learn from predictive analytics.

Promotes Better Investment Decisions

Predictive analytics can show brokers where the next investment opportunities are and can help them decide on which to act upon and send to owners in order to make deals happen, and which may not be a good investment decision. Predictive analytics will aggregate data such as demographic shifts, cost of capital and workforce trends among other and brokers will be able to show owners how the purchase of a property would drive value and fit well into their investment model. Brokers can also determine which assets in an owner’s portfolio have maximized its value and should be sold.

Think Globally

Predictive analytics can encourage brokers to feel confident enough to think outside of just the local market and offer investors opportunities all over the world. Many brokers develop expertise surrounding their local market and advise clients on investments within this local market, but with predictive analysis tools, they are able to open up more opportunities in other markets for their clients because they have hardcore data to back it up.

Predictive analytics expand the scope of what brokers can accomplish, helping them secure more deals and become a more valuable asset to owners and investors.

Proactive Leasing

Predictive analysis can do wonders for investment ventures and it can also apply to leasing. Agency brokers can use predictive analysis to predict tenant behavior, helping them become more proactive in how they lease vacant space. Rather than making 20 cold calls a day searching for new tenants, they could focus on companies who are likely looking to move spaces based on the industry, employee headcount growth, and the behavior of firms in similar or the same industry under current market conditions.

The same goes for tenant retention – instead of waiting for a company to reveal that they are planning to move, the broker could discuss this sooner and start a discussion for what’s next in their plans to move spaces.

How ProspectNow Can Assist You

ProspectNow uses predictive analytics to identify properties that are most likely to be listed for sale, to be refinanced, or obtain a loan in the next 12 months before your competition has the chance. You will no longer be wasting your time or energy on marketing to property owners who have no intentions of selling.

The predictive algorithm looks at hundreds of data points every week on properties that are selling and then ProspectNow applies the characteristics of these properties that have recently sold to those that have not sold yet. This data will help keep you ahead of the curve and to have a leg up on your competition in order to land more clients and close more deals.

Start your free trial today!

What Is Hyper-Targeted Marketing and Why Should I Care?


Borrowers choose the first lender that they connect with

If you’re a lender, you know how much being the first to the borrower can impact your likelihood of getting the loan business. In fact, 50% of all mortgage borrowers choose the first lender that reaches out to them. Knowing who they are and getting your message directly to them before your competition can significantly affect how you generate quality borrower leads for real estate.

There are two large problems when marketing to potential borrowers today: 1. Most of the potential borrowers that you are currently marketing to don’t care, and 2. Most of your marketing materials are not seen by real people.

Problem One – The Borrower’s You Target Do Not Care

Only one out of every eight properties will refinance and one out of every 12 will sell in a given year.  That means you are wasting time, money and effort marketing to borrowers that DON’T CARE.

Problem Two – Your Message Is Not Being Seen By Real People

As is the case with direct mail, most digital marketing impressions are not seen by real people. Most direct mail pieces end up in the trash and most digital ads are served to non-human traffic sources like bots, toolbars, click farms and crawlers.

Hyper-Targeted Marketing solves both of these problems.  

Hyper-Targeted Marketing uses predictive analytics to determine your audience – borrowers that are expected to refinance or purchase in the next 12 months – and a patented ad delivery platform that can display your ads to your audience in their homes with 95% certainty, while eliminating non-human generated impressions.

Three years ago, ProspectNow Founder Steve Wayne conceived the notion of using property and loan transaction information in ProspectNow to predict which properties were likely to refinance or sell in a 12-month period as a way to help lenders find more business more efficiently.

Hyper-Targeted Marketing is about knowing who is likely to borrow and then getting your message and call-to-action to them before a another lender does. Using Hyper-Targeted Marketing in your marketing strategy allows you to be smart with your time and money.

Ready to find out more? Register for our Hyper-Targeted Marketing Webinar and find out how ProspectNow can help you get to your mortgage borrowers before your competition does.

Blog Recap: Our Best Blogs of 2016

2016 was a big year for the CRE industry, with plenty of technological advancements paving the way for even bigger developments in 2017. Our team at ProspectNow strives to stay on top of the trends in CRE, sharing new developments in our blog throughout the year.

These posts are a great resource for all things commercial real estate, including new trends in CRETech. In case you missed any of our blog posts from the last year, here are the highlights of our most viewed posts in 2016.

1)   6 Specific Scripts for Closing an Appointment Over the Phone

Building a rapport with prospective clients is one of the most important steps you can take towards sealing the deal. This can take time, but certain strategies can help to speed up the process.

2)   5 Ways Technology is Fueling Increased Productivity in CRE

Over the last 5 years, the CRE industry has undergone a rapid series of technological innovations. These innovations have solved long standing issues in the CRE market, but they have also raised the bar when it comes to running a successful CRE brokerage. It is vital to stay on top of emerging market trends and new technologies in order to compete in the current CRE market.

3)   10 Actionable Tips for CRE Agents New to Prospecting

While nobody enjoys prospecting, it is a necessary part of building up your business. It is important to be as prepared as possible before you begin prospecting, and making sure you know which questions to ask and when can be the difference between success and failure.

4)   5 Ways to Effectively Speed Up Your CRE Sales Cycle

Selling CRE requires an ongoing balance between taking action and patiently waiting. Staying on top of your always changing list of properties, prospects, and transactions can be challenging, but making sure that every phone call or email has and end goal can help to cut down on time wasted during the sale process.

5)   5 Old School Lead Qualifying Tactics That Still Work in a Digital World

One of the most time consuming parts of selling commercial real estate is prospecting. Identifying potential clients is a crucial part of the sale process, but minimizing the number of dead ends you follow can help to save time and increase productivity.

6)   Improve Your Prospecting With These 6 Steps

Prospecting is time consuming, but knowing everything you can about your prospective buyers before you even pick up the phone can help to save time and money.

7)   12 Must Download Productivity Apps for Real Estate Agents

Every real estate agent wants to increase their productivity and efficiency, so it is important to explore all the tools at your disposal. These tools include a growing number of smartphone apps that can help you stay organized and keep your priorities straight.

8)   Grow Your Email List: 10 Tried and True Growth Hacks

Keeping your email list up to date is a vital part of networking. Email marketing will frequently produce the highest rate of return when you analyze the costs and benefits of all your marketing strategies, so it is important to make sure you have up to date email information for all of your contacts while continuing to expand your email list.

9)   14 Real Estate Influencers to Follow on Twitter in 2017

Twitter is quickly becoming an invaluable tool for any real estate broker. Having a strong online presence is vital to building and maintaining relationships and connecting via twitter is a quick and easy way to accomplish this.